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The (Choose Your Own) Adventures Await

I’m always up for an adventure.  Whether it’s a road trip to unknown places or curling up with a good book – I’m there.  One of my other favorite things, of course, is games. When I learned that game publishers have started recreating “Choose Your Own Adventure” books – I was super excited. After all, I grew up reading them; I couldn’t wait to get home from school with a new adventure book so I could read the afternoon away. The... Read More
Android Netrunner Revised Core Box Front

Android Netrunner is Dead! Long Live Android

To say I was shocked at Fantasy Flight Games discontinuing Android Netrunner is a severe understatement. I simply wasn't expecting it, and based on the Net chatter, neither was the rest of the world. Even though no one in our gaming group (to my knowledge) currenty plays Netrunner, I always expected that Netrunner Organized Play events would be a staple in our eventual brick & mortar store.Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) quickly covered the... Read More

​8 Mechanics Every Board Gamer Should Know (Part One)

Starting a new hobby is daunting. There’s always some amount of money that you need to invest up front in something that may not even work out, and of course it’s usually impossible to know how best to spend that money. Even if you go cheap, you may end up purchasing a used Kayak only to find that nature and the great outdoors are not for you.The problem is even greater with tabletop games because there are just so darn many to choose... Read More

What's your Resolution?

Resolutions are the hot topic, and for gamers, there’s a variety of cool choices to add to our resolution list.  Why worry about the ‘lose weight, get healthy, blah, blah, blah’ plans, when you can buff up your skills and game enjoyment instead? And let’s not just say “play more games” because we all know, if we don’t get a little specific, our schedules will overtake every spare game playing minute.  So, here’s some ideas for... Read More

HoliCon 2017

The first annual MeepleMovers HoliCON was officially a hit!When Jon and I talked about creating an end of year event, we wanted 12 hours of gaming, plenty of space for our gamers (including some big table games), and fun. Not much to ask, right?We hit a snag with our local meetup space, and were unable to have the event at our regular spot. Although it caused some stress, it ended up being a good thing. It allowed us to stretch our wings a... Read More

5 Great Games to Play with Family this Christmas

Christmas is almost here! If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family over the holiday break. Board gaming is one of the best ways to bring people together in a fun, interactive activity, but the struggle many people have is finding the best board game to fit the crowd. This quick guide can help!For First Time Gamers: CarcassonneCarcassonne is a game that is super easy to pick up, but it still... Read More

Jon's Favorite Board Game Apps

There's a lot of contention out there about the digital realm invading our analog space, but it's not all bad. It's a sign that our hobby is growing and changing in ways that we may never have expected. I'm happy to have a few digital "helpers" around me to keep track of the things I might otherwise forget. Here's a few of my favorite apps for help in playing board games.I'm an Android user, so these apps are for that platform. Simple Points... Read More
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Learning to Enjoy Christmas

This time of year our schedules get even more packed. Along with the long hours you already put in, and the kids’ school schedules, you add a sprinkle of the work Christmas party, a dopple of your daughter’s Christmas pageant, the Christmas parade, and oh yeah, you promised you would ring the bell this year for Salvation Army’s kettle drive. And somewhere in all that craziness, you really want to enjoy Christmas this year.We have the... Read More

12 Days of Christmas

I am a ridiculous dork when it comes to Christmas. Pulling out the decorations, setting up the tree (real, of course), and singing Christmas songs are what it’s all about! When I saw that Calliope Games made a 12 Days card game - two loves came crashing together - Christmas and games!I think Calliope Games has some of the coolest artwork in the game industry, and 12 Days does not disappoint. Beautiful, vibrant colors leap off the card at... Read More

Great Stocking Stuffers for 2017

There’s something about the twinkling lights and festive decorations of Christmas that get you into the holiday spirit. One of my favorite childhood memories was the excitement of seeing what was in my stocking Christmas morning. And even though our kids are grown, I still hang stockings up every year, because there are still two big kids (me and Jon), that want Santa to fill our stockings.This year, I’m making a list of great games that will... Read More